Week 1-How fast does sperm travel?

July 28, 2008


There’s a lot more fun stuff
at our new home:



Initially, the little swimmers exit at 40 mph.  They then slow to an average of 28 mph.  A sperm can travel 8 inches in one hour.



  1. Nice job with the website! Who knew those little buggers were so speedy! You should check out PPWW’s Speaking of Sex Podcast. And maybe post it?

  2. You might want to point out that they’re swimming in circles much of the time — otherwise, your math doesn’t work out. Going 28 miles an hour as opposed to 8 inches an hour are quite different equations….

    Great tag for immediate interest, though, and I think the site is a good and funny idea. Well done.

  3. The 28 mph and 40 mph refer to the speed of the semen, carrying the sperm, during ejaculation. The sperm do not swim from the testes to the seminal vesicles, nor during ejaculation. Their swimming is started up when the fluid from the prostate mixes with the sperm-carrying fluid in the seminal vesicles. Right after ejaculation the semen is viscous, but as it liquifies (again the mixing of the two fluids gets this going), the sperm can swim at about eight inches per hour. We are not sure what allows them to swim the correct direction- perhaps a chemical gradient in the uterus and tubes, or perhaps chance.

  4. Great idea! And, as always, great job helping us all to support safer sex and healthier, informed decision making!

  5. The bisexuality quote came from Woody Allen, not Rodney Dangerfield.

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