Week 2-When was the first condom used?

August 6, 2008


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History’s most famous lover, Casanova, used condoms as birth control and as protection against infection, but he was hardly the first.

Condoms are one of the world’s oldest forms of contraception; ancient Egyptian art depicts condom use before 950 B.C.  The Japanese were also early users of condoms and had a variety of types: leather, linen or tortoise shell.  None of them lubricated!

The first public demonstration of condoms is recorded around the 15th century in Italy.  The name of the person who first used it was Gabrielle, for the purpose of preventing syphilis, a sexually transmitted disease.  Gabrielle used linen as the primary manufacturing substance.

In 1706 the word “condom” appeared in print for the first time.

Until 1919, condoms were made by hand-dipping in rubber cement.  After that, they were made of rubber latex.  By 1935 or so, the largest markets int he U.S. were producing 1.5 million condoms a day.

In 1957 the first lubricated was sold in the U.K.


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  1. The next step in the evolution of condoms is a new brand called One Condoms (onecondoms.com). Be sure to check out their new condoms called “Pleasure Plus”. It has a special ribbed pouch near the tip for a unique sensation.

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