Week 4-What is the only organ dedicated exclusively to sexual pleasure?

September 19, 2008

The clitoris:

6000 to 8000 nerve-endings ensure sensitivity!

The penis also gives pleasure, but is multi-use: urination.

Other organs and functions of our body also give us sexual pleasure, for example, our skin.  And let’s not forget the “master sex organ”:  the brain!

And gentlemen, if this seems unfair, remember that women are the ones who deal with periods, pregnancy and childbirth!



  1. […] But we don’t want to give the “woman-on-top” position a bad reputation:  it is true that when a woman is on top there is an increased chance she will have an orgasm. The position allows for more stimulation of the clitoris and therefore heightens the opportunity for orgasm and pleasure.  To read more about that magical little organ, please refer to Week 4! […]

  2. […] giving her pleasure and how you can make sure you are actually touching her clitoris.  It is a wondrous little organ, and you may want to do some clitoral homework to learn […]

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