Week 18-What is the size of the clitoris?

December 26, 2008


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As mentioned in Week 4, the clitoris is the only organ dedicated exclusively to sexual pleasure.

The clitoris is located above the pelvic bone, at the top of the vulva.  Most of the time, it is covered by a fold of skin called the “clitoral hood”.  When a woman is sexually aroused, the clitoris becomes erect, not unlike the penis. 

It varies in shape and size–it can be as small as a pea or as large as a small finger.  The head is attached to a shaft and a network of nerves that can extend up to five inches inside the body.  Size doesn’t matter…pleasure is derived from stimulation.

It may be difficult for a partner to find the clitoris, but much fun has been had in trying to locate it and the resulting pleasure when it is discovered!

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  1. […] actually touching her clitoris.  It is a wondrous little organ, and you may want to do some clitoral homework to learn […]

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