Week 28-What is the best position for women to reach orgasm?

March 6, 2009

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Intercourse is usually enough for a man to have an orgasm. The stimulation to his penis gives him pleasure and helps him reach orgasm – not so true for a woman.  Intercourse  doesn’t stimulate a woman’s clitoris enough. Most women need to be “turned on” in other ways in order to have an orgasm.

That said, the largest sexual organ in the body is the brain.  Some sexologists say that what is happening between your ears influences arousal more than other parts of your body. 

You have a few other areas to work with, too. Nipples, clitoris, vulva, perineum, and anus are sensitive and can be aroused with good touch – rubbing, pressure, slow or fast, hard touch or soft.  For most people, orgasms happen as a result of stimulation – especially to these parts of one’s body.

Learn about your partner’s hot spots – ask her what she likes and doesn’t like. 

The best position for a woman to reach orgasm is individual.  Listen to your partner’s breathing, watch her body movements and her facial expressions – that will tell you what is arousing to her.

Being a good lover takes practice and the willingness to find out from your partner what gives her pleasure.  That, really, is the best position of all to be in. 

The Pointer Sisters wrote an instruction manual/song in 1981 for those of you still unclear:

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