Week 30-Sore after sex? What should you do about it?

March 20, 2009

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Generally speaking, vaginal soreness comes from irritation or allergic reaction to a specific spermicidal or condoms.

Irritation can be from a lack of lubrication. This can happen if intercourse goes on for a while (because tips from Week 29 were highly successful!) and a woman’s natural lubrication has been used up. It is helpful to have artificial lubricant available for times when you want to prolong intercourse. Be well lubricated before penetration.

If soreness is not usual for you or your partner, then it would be wise to see a medical provider to make sure you do not have a vaginal infection. Friction from intercourse can cause a vaginal infection to flare up.

Mostly,  remember that women take longer to become relaxed and ready for intercourse. It takes a man approximately two to four minutes to be “all set”– it takes a woman between fifteen and twenty minutes to be as ready.

Planned Parenthood of Northern New England’s Education Department carefully selects all weekly questions. All questions are actual inquiries made to PPNNE by college-aged students.

Should you have a question you would like to see included, please send an email to goddess@ppnne.org


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