Week 34-What are some creative uses for plastic wrap? Read it, but if you click anywhere on this post, you can read our retraction of this information

April 17, 2009

What are some creative uses for plastic wrap?  Read it, but if you click anywhere on this post, you can read our retraction of this information.


Here’s the thing about plastic wrap – it’s easily available…and it’s a barrier method that will protect you during oral or anal sex. 

Plastic wrap is in most kitchen drawers.  To use it – roll out a big piece and cover the entire area of the genitals with which you ar engaging.  Plastic wrap is strong and can be held in place over the vaginal opening – or wrapped around a penis – or over the anus.  If used correctly it will protect you from HIV or an STD.

Plastic wrap between your mouth and your partner’s genitals will keep blood and/vaginal fluids/semen or pre-cum fluids from entering your mouth.

Most importantly, in the heat of the moment – don’t put a piece of plastic wrap down and then pick it up again – only use plastic wrap once!

Plastic wrap can also be used over other parts of your body – as a turn on, enticement, and a fun way to get “things going”.  Wrap yourself up!

Using plastic wrap will protect you against HIV when engaging in anal sex– and it should be used during oral sex as well.  Although vaginal and anal sex can pass HIV more easily – engaging in oral sex is not a safe practice.  Use a barrier like shrink wrap whenever you have anal or oral sex.   Have fun with plastic – wrap it up!


Planned Parenthood of Northern New England’s Education Department carefully selects all weekly questions. All questions are actual inquiries made to PPNNE by college-aged students.

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  1. Plastic wrap should actually never be used for penis-to-anal sex. It’s ok as a barrier for oral-to-anal play (aka analinigus), but not as a barrier for anal intercourse. For one, it’s difficult to get a correct, sure fit, and if the plastic slips off into a partner’s anus, you’re never going to get it back. It’s also not as strong or reliable as condoms, which have undergone rigorous testing.

    You should also note that plastic wrap is permeable for sperm, so it’s not effective as a contraceptive barrier – basically it’s only appropriate as an oral sex barrier.

    P.S. Love you PP!

  2. […] 28, 2009 Due to warmer weather and general spring fever, the Goddess briefly became unhinged: in Week 34, she actually advised gentlemen to wrap their member in plastic […]

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