Week 43-Does peeing after intercourse decrease UTIs?

June 19, 2009

It can help to urinate after intercourse, especially if you are prone urinary tract infections. In fact, if you are indeed prone to UTIs, it is good to pee every two to three hours throughout the day.

Many women deal with urinary tract infections. Sexual intercourse can be a common cause of urinary tract infections because during intercourse, bacteria in the vagina can be massaged into the urethra by the motion of the penis. 80% of all urinary tract infections occur within 24 hours of intercourse.

It has been suggested that washing your genitals before having sex can help.

If you feel susceptible to a urinary tract infection, find other ways to have a sexually good time-including an orgasm.

If you get UTIs regularly, talk to your health care provider about seeing a urologist.

Planned Parenthood of northern New England’s Education Department carefully selects all weekly questions. All questions are actual inquiries made to PPNNE by college-aged students.

Should you have a question you would like to see included, please send an email to goddess@ppnne.org


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