Week 48-What is a cock ring and how do you use one?

July 24, 2009

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First off, let’s say the term “cock ring” lacks elegance.  It is also sometimes referred to as a C-ring. That said, men use cock rings to make their penis larger and harder and to keep their penis erect for a longer period of time.  Men also use them to change the way ejaculations and orgasms feel.

You put a cock ring on when the penis is soft (over the shaft and the testicles – it will stay in place).  A well-fitted cock ring can also be removed from a hard penis (using lube can help when putting it on or taking it off). They need to fit properly–if not, they can be harmful.  Beginners should seek out cock rings that are softer and made of leather or rawhide. These products can be adjusted and won’t get as tight as a metal or a rubber cock ring. If it is too tight, it can cut off circulation and be hard to remove. This is not good! If a cock ring does not feel comfortable, take it off.  Also, don’t leave it on for a long time–30 minutes is the suggested duration.

Not everyone likes wearing a cock ring because there is a certain sense of pressure that is not comfortable for some men.  For others, the sensation feels good.

Cock rings can be purchased at most adult sex toy stores, and cover quite the spectrum.  You can get velcro, vibrating or even high-end cock rings that are serious BLING!

And one that counts thrusts!  (A Thrust-o-meter??) 17221

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