Midweek iPhone Passion Update

August 3, 2009

original chartAccording to the Telegraph, there is now an iPhone app that lets you measure your passion.

“Users simply start the programme, strap the phone to their arm or belt, and press ‘stop’ when lovemaking is over. The programme then gives a rating from ‘bad’ to ‘perfect’ on three criteria – duration, activity, and orgasm.”

I am wondering if there isn’t a conflict of interest between being passionate and having to say “Babe, just give me a minute.  I have to strap on my…iPhone.”

This just raises a bunch of questions:  Have low battery iPhones given a non-orgasm result and started a lover’s quarrel? Can you send results to your Facebook page? Tweet them?  What if I have a Blackberry? Will “I really liked him, but I looked at his passion app, and it turns out he didn’t really measure up”  be heard on the dating circuit?

For now, a good old-fashioned romp, without graphs, technology & measurable results, with blissful exhaustion as a sufficient indicator, may what most of us have to settle for.


One comment

  1. I heard that the iphone also has an app that tracks your period. Really.

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